29619 CIT Practicum Feedback Forms 071820 – Compassionate Integrity Training
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Facilitator-in-Training NameGard Jameson
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Evaluator(s)Rebecca Koch and Jennifer Valtos
Date of Session10/30/2019
SkillSkill 6: Forgiveness and Gratitude
How well did the facilitator lead the group and create a safe space? Please explain and give examples.

Very calm and welcoming presence, which contributes positively to participants' sense of a safe space. Good work with your co-facilitator of jumping in when third co-facilitator was left hanging a couple of time; this also communicates to participants that they won't be unsupported if their comments are not promptly acknowledged by others. Warm and collegial "hand offs" between facilitators so create a sense of safety.

How well did the facilitator explain this Skill using the PowerPoint presentation? Please give examples.

Fairly well for what seemed like a more limited amount of time. Good work using materials to convey CIT concepts on "sweater slide." Did a good job inserting relevant comments throughout presentation. Good "riff" on the inseparability of forgiveness and gratitude.

How well did the facilitator explain and lead the activities in this Skill? Please explain and give specific examples.

Fairly well. It's difficult to simulate the facilitation of live activities in an online training format. Used sweater example didactically in a way that is consistent with CIT.

How well did the facilitator lead the Mindful Dialogues and Reflective Writing Exercises in this Skill? Please explain and give specific examples.


What aspects of this Skill did you think the facilitator did exceptionally well? Please give examples.

Demonstrating overall knowledge and familiarity with CIT and related concepts. Warm close.

How well did the facilitator lead the Contemplative Practice in this Skill? Please explain and give specific examples.

Good presence and calming voice modulation.

What aspects of this Skill could the facilitator improve? Please give examples.

Using a facilitative approach (asking participants for their thoughts) as a go-to and primary approach vs. tending toward a more instructive approach. Specifically, with regard to the interdependence/sweater slide, asking participants to name all the contributors to the making of the sweater...or perhaps asking "What does a sweater have to do with interdependence?"...would have been preferable to telling them who the contributors are or asking for no input regarding their thoughts and interpretations.

Including Michael's feedback: With regard to the Contemplative Practice, the included CIT CP would have been preferable since the CP for Skill 6 is an analytical practice and the lovingkindness practice you used is more of a stabilizing practice, which is better used after something like a Reflecting Writing practice. Careful not to bring up enemies as the object of focus [particularly for participants who are new to contemplative practice]. Generally opening up the content more the participants and refrain from teaching. Be careful moving from "I" language to totalizing language (i.e., "We all want that").

Entry DateNovember 14, 2019