29619 CIT Practicum Feedback Forms 071820 – Compassionate Integrity Training
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Facilitator-in-Training NameVictoria Walsh
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Evaluator(s)Rebecca and Jennifer Valtos
Date of Session10/30/2019
SkillSkill 6: Forgiveness and Gratitude
How well did the facilitator lead the group and create a safe space? Please explain and give examples.

Referencing and introducing co-facilitators helps everyone feel more welcome, that they are in the hands of a team. Having participants think about a color that felt peaceful to them was novel and engaging for participants, who reported liking the activity.

How well did the facilitator explain this Skill using the PowerPoint presentation? Please give examples.

Used slide to spark a review of Impartiality and Common Humanity. Great use of barbed wire image to spark participant input.

How well did the facilitator explain and lead the activities in this Skill? Please explain and give specific examples.

In areas where adequate and welcoming space was created, participant input was MUCH better engaged.

How well did the facilitator lead the Mindful Dialogues and Reflective Writing Exercises in this Skill? Please explain and give specific examples.


What aspects of this Skill did you think the facilitator did exceptionally well? Please give examples.

Clear improvement and incorporation of suggestions and feedback from first time out. Good introduction of co-facilitators. Much better leaving space for participants to provide their feedback.

How well did the facilitator lead the Contemplative Practice in this Skill? Please explain and give specific examples.


What aspects of this Skill could the facilitator improve? Please give examples.

When introducing novel exercises (i.e.,asking participants to name colors that made them feel serene/peaceful), it is better to debrief/summarize the exercise by relating the exercise back to CIT concepts and skills.

Better to check in with the about practice and applications of skills over the preceding week. Better than starting with asking them to provide feedback over the whole course; that's a lot to tackle in a check in. Better to ask broader open ended questions about Ethical Mindfulness skill practice and application, rather than putting a box or frame around it ("How easy was it to...?). Otherwise, it may be harder for people to share because they have to tailor their thoughts. Also, better to leave a bit of space after participants share than to jump in too quickly during what may have been a pause.

When describing categories, better to describe them as natural and that they CAN be beneficial...because over identifying people/things with their categories can be harmful.

Better to not start out by calling specific people out; detracts from creation of safe space and can shut down others' participation. Acknowledgement of participant feedback was a bit cursory.

Entry DateNovember 11, 2019