29619 CIT Practicum Feedback Forms 071820 – Compassionate Integrity Training
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Facilitator-in-Training NameDiane Baker
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Evaluator(s)Anja Pelzer
Date of Session11/24/2020
SkillSkill 8: Compassion
How well did the facilitator lead the group and create a safe space? Please explain and give examples.

Diane, you co-lead the session wonderfully and co-facilitated excellently. You helped creating a safe space by engaging everyone, asking around and your sensitive and thoughtful responses to participants’ comments and questions.

How well did the facilitator explain this Skill using the PowerPoint presentation? Please give examples.

You guided the group through the slides of compassion in a wonderful way. Amazing how you brought in your own experience when emphasizing the compassionate core versus the negative sight of some religious affiliations. The beautiful metaphor from Islam was inspiring. (It would have been very apt to be quoted at the three levels of compassion, too.)
You facilitated very calmly and knowledgably. There has been a nice flow between delivering information, inspiring discussion and reflecting the replies for example when you facilitated the thinking trap of powerlessness. I appreciated very much how you integrated and responded to life and chat discussion alike as this is very challenging and you did it very calmly and sophisticated.
Please be cautious when facilitating the CIT definition. You stated corrected it is a motivation, however then you went on saying “it is really an action, not a wish” Well, in fact we really want to differentiate between motivation and action. Compassion is not an action in that definition of skill 8! The action and engagement part we guide everyone to when inspiring critical thinking and discernment in skill 9 and 10.
You facilitated the three levels of compassion wisely showing it is a process. I loved your metaphor of water on the stove from the stage of simmering to actual boiling. I liked a lot that you asked participants about their own engaged compassion. You might have opened the question by not narrowing it down to the refugee crisis.

How well did the facilitator explain and lead the activities in this Skill? Please explain and give specific examples.


How well did the facilitator lead the Mindful Dialogues and Reflective Writing Exercises in this Skill? Please explain and give specific examples.


What aspects of this Skill did you think the facilitator did exceptionally well? Please give examples.

Your very calm presence and inspiring way of facilitation has been excellent. You were great at monitoring the group and the chat at the same time, picking up the needs of participants and show that you really care. Wonderful.

How well did the facilitator lead the Contemplative Practice in this Skill? Please explain and give specific examples.


What aspects of this Skill could the facilitator improve? Please give examples.

Nothing more to add, please see my remarks regarding compassion.

Do you recommend this facilitator to become certified?Yes
Entry DateDecember 3, 2020