29619 CIT Practicum Feedback Forms 071820 – Compassionate Integrity Training
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Facilitator-in-Training NameTerence Opalek
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Evaluator(s)Anja Pelzer
Date of Session10/06/2020
SkillSkill 1: Calming Body and Mind
How well did the facilitator lead the group and create a safe space? Please explain and give examples.

Terry, you (co)lead the session incredibly well. What an authentic session. What a wonderful free facilitation. Also, you created a safe space, not only by reminding the group of the guidelines but foremost by your calm, open and professional facilitation style. You created a safe space by being very sensitive to the atmosphere, to verbal, and non-verbal cues and inspiring wonderful interaction both between the two of you and between you and the group. By self-disclosure you inspired confidentiality, limiting it professionally was key for building this container of trust and confidence.You inspired discussion, being in a constantly flowing dialogue with your co-facilitator and the group, literally orchestrating the discussion.

How well did the facilitator explain this Skill using the PowerPoint presentation? Please give examples.

First there has been a very smooth collaboration between facilitation and slides. You actually handled two skills, introduction and skill 1. You explained the content extremely well considering all time constraints.

You explained the resilience zone in a very comprehensible way. You could have stressed a bit more why we talk about it (mind body connection, ok zone) and refer back to the key: if emotion and associated body sensations cause us to think clearly and make good decisions for ourselves and others. Wonderful how you asked people to read the three zones and ask for one additional note.
Great clarification of “tracking” being what we feel in our physical body, not just what we feel. I do not think, I understood your following comment though. We will be focusing on pleasant and neutral sensations here, that is right, however, you said “: later on in the course we will be focusing more on the unpleasant”, so I am not sure how this corresponds with the course material and I would need clarification here. Great how you stressed resourcing is about the present moment and not an action or just a memory from the past. Regarding the slide with the little pet: you missed mentioning the splitting of resources, which is an important information since it can be dysregulating.

You gave a great explanation on the ANS, when explaining the abstract content in a very light way using the metaphor of gas and brake slides. Trauma could have been facilitated in more detail here, explaining the little T trauma, cumulative and not the necessary pathological trauma. However, this was all due to lack of time, I am aware.

How well did the facilitator explain and lead the activities in this Skill? Please explain and give specific examples.

If it were not for the lack of time, you could have guided a bit more detailed through resourcing as an activity by leading through an example first.

How well did the facilitator lead the Mindful Dialogues and Reflective Writing Exercises in this Skill? Please explain and give specific examples.


What aspects of this Skill did you think the facilitator did exceptionally well? Please give examples.

The very professional, natural and inspiring way of facilitation has been outstanding. You were great at monitoring facial expressions and other cures and affirmations. You had a very great teamwork as your co-facilitator has been monitoring the chat at the same time, picking up the needs here. So, basically the whole connection, your humor, the leading of the course, your inspiring and orchestrating conversation has been outstanding.

How well did the facilitator lead the Contemplative Practice in this Skill? Please explain and give specific examples.


What aspects of this Skill could the facilitator improve? Please give examples.

The most challenging thing is to intervene in a beautiful discussion flow. Also in this respect our session has been really authentic. It is pretty standard that amazing, reflected people attend CIT and personal sharing in the introduction might be too long for the challenging fact that we put intro and skill 1 together. So, balancing time constraint and need and space to share as well as finding solutions in coming back to discussion, referring to Sutra as discussion space or even one of the next sessions will be key to compensate the fact that we as facilitators do have to disrupt sometimes.

If you realize, you will not be able to finish the session, try not to introduce a new concept, yet rather finish with something beneficial and positive the participants can take home. So, instead of introducing grounding it would have been more beneficial to stay with the deep content already brought up during the session.

Important is to observe ourselves to use invitational language rather than using "need to, should, etc."
And finally a very minor details: Sometime your screen has been on preview mode when sharing the screen

Do you recommend this facilitator to become certified?Yes
Entry DateOctober 12, 2020