Sholom Estrin

Sholom Estrin is a rabbi, board certified chaplain and an expert in Jewish mindfulness practices. He started his Rabbinical training in the mystical city of Safed under the tutelage of some of the foremost renown scholars of the Kabbalistic and Hasidic practices, and he has brought his knowledge and skills into his non-denominational chaplaincy practice. In addition, Sholom has a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Bellevue University and is currently studying the CIT approach to ethical development.

His prior experiences include a year as a Chaplain Fellow at the Atlanta Veteran Administration Medical Center, with a focus on Veterans suffering from mental health concerns, a year and a half as a chaplain resident at Emory University Hospital, as well as five years as the contract rabbi for the Federal Corrections Compound at Butner, NC. In addition, Sholom is also trained in the ancient tradition of artisan cheesemaking. He lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife and four boys.