Shelly Batcher, MBA

Shelly Batcher is a wife, mother of four children and creative marketing professional. She helps organizations through strategic, innovative solutions. She is a visual communicator with 27+ years of experience. Shelly began as a graphic designer and creative lead. Now, she is the Executive Director of Marketing at Life University, the largest single-campus Doctor of Chiropractic Program in the World. Her passion is visual communication that delivers strategic marketing solutions. Through watching and learning from a rapidly evolving industry, she takes pride in being a vital part of the entire creative process.

Her favorite part of participating in the CIT Working Group is to use the resources and tools developed to be a better wife and mom, while continuing to grow in her professional career.

Some current and previous clients and employers include: US Bank, Harley Davidson, United States Bowling Congress, Life University, Brunswick, Miller Beer, Circus Circus and Eldorado.