Nuala Crilly

A graduate of University of Manchester and Queens University Belfast, Nuala Crilly began working in the community sector in Derry in 1989. After a stint working in the tourism sector in the USA, Nuala returned to Derry in 2001 and again returned to work in the community development sector.  She began  to focus on working with more individuals within community organisations and local areas to get their voices heard and enable them to effect change within their local areas.  Passionate about ensuring those at the margins have their voices heard in decision making, which impacts on them and their communities, she has helped develop a number of training programmes, such as Taking Your Campaign To Stormont and also Clever Committees.

As part of her role with St Columb’s Park House Nuala continued to development training and support programmes for individual changemakers who were pursuing a campaign. This has evolved into the Compassionate Campaigning programme which holds Compassion and the Principles of Non Violence at its core with a focus on compassion for self and compassion for others. This work is developed within an understanding and appreciation of the systems within which we all exist and are connected by. Compassionate Communities aims to support a wide range of activists develop support mechanisms to drive forward individual or collective change. Nuala lives in Derry with her three children and dog and in her spare time like to relax by practising and teaching yoga!