Practice Recordings

Practice Recordings

Compassionate Integrity Training includes many practices to enable participants to embody the concepts and insights they gain in the program. Some of these practices, such as Reflective Writing, Mindful Dialogues, and Contemplative Journal Questions can be found in the CIT Manual. Here you will find guided meditation practices that are associated with some of the skills.

These meditation practices are designed to be used in conjunction with the Compassionate Integrity Training program. Many of the terms and concepts used in these mediations assume knowledge that comes from the CIT Manual and classes. The meditations are recorded with female and male voices for those who have a preference (indicated by the F and M in the title). These practices will be updated frequently, so check back often to ensure you have the most recent versions.

Introduction to Meditation Practice Recordings

Skill 1: Calming Body and Mind – Resourcing

Skill 1: Calming Body and Mind – Grounding

Skill 2: Ethical Mindfulness – Focused Attention

Skill 3: Emotional Awareness – Resting the Mind in its Natural State

Skill 4: Self Compassion – Inner Versus External Factors of Happiness

Skill 4: Self Compassion – Unrealistic Expectations

Skill 5:  Common Humanity

Skill 5: Just Like Me

Skill 5: Impartiality

Skill 6: Forgiveness and Gratitude – Naikan

Skill 6: Forgiveness and Gratitude – Forgiveness

Skill 6 Finding Forgiveness

Skill 7: Empathic Concern – Empathic Concern

Skill 7: Empathic Concern – Sympathetic Joy

Skill 8: Compassion – Compassion

Skill 9 – Appreciating Interdependence

Skill 10 – Appreciating Our Power

SSkill 10 – Positive Peace