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These podcasts are a good (and entertaining) way to get an overview of the CIT program. They were produced in the early stages of the development of CIT, however, so some of the terms and concepts have changed a bit since they were recorded. The most current information is contained in the CIT Manual.

CIT Skill 1 – Introduction and Foundational Concepts

CIT Skill 2 – Ethical Mindfulness

CIT Skill 3 – Emotional Awareness

CIT Skill 4 – Self Compassion

CIT Skill 5 – Impartiality and Common Humanity

CIT Skill 6 – Forgiveness and Gratitude

CIT Skill 7 – Empathic Concern

CIT Skill 8 – Compassion

CIT Skills 9 and 10 – Appreciating Interdependence and Engaging with Discernment