Past and Ongoing Trainings

The following is a sample of the CIT courses CCISE and partners have conducted over the past two years. It does not represent a complete listing of all of the trainings that have been conducted.

Charter for Compassion

In December 2017, CCISE conducted a three-day intensive CIT program for members of several Compassionate Cities organizations within the Charter for Compassion in Atlanta, GA. This training was followed up with a larger training in San Antonio, TX in August 2018 for twelve compassionate cities, organizations and sectors (i.e., education, social justice, and environment).  Some of these include Compassionate cities like San Antonio, Dallas Forth Worth,  Atlanta, Tucson, Houston, Go Love Now, and the School of Compassion at Monterrey (Mexico).  This three-day intensive training continued was followed by an online Level 1 Facilitator Certification course, which enabled 14 members of the Charter for Compassion network to complete their Level 1 Facilitator certification.

St. Columb’s Park House

Derry, Northern Ireland

St. Columb’s Park House (SCPH) is a peace and reconciliation center in Derry, Northern Ireland. In June 2017, SCPH hosted a three-day CIT intensive training program for a group of twenty-five activists, peacebuilders, and community leaders with a focus on peace building and conflict transformation in Northern Ireland. This group has participated in a follow-up training and continues to meet for practice groups. Many of the participants are working towards completing their CIT Facilitator Certification.

Lee Arrendale State Prison

Alto, Georgia

CIT has been taught multiple times at Lee Arrendale Women’s Prison, both through Life University’s Positive Human Development and Social Change (PHDSC) Associates of Arts degree program and the Certificate of Theological Studies Program. Two Level 1 Facilitator Certification courses have also been taught at the facility. Courses will be ongoing through these facilitators into 2019.

Trinity Community Ministries and Gateway Center

Atlanta, Georgia

Trinity House and the Gateway Center hosted a course beginning in October 2018.  This course will be followed by a Level 1 Facilitator Training Course starting in January 2019, whereby members of their communities will be able to continue to offer CIT at these facilities on an ongoing basis.

Raising Expectations

Atlanta, Georgia

Raising Expectation (RE) is an after-school program for third through twelfth graders in the Westside neighborhoods of Atlanta. The RE staff is participated in a full CIT program and adapted several of the CIT skills to be taught in the classroom. 

Baken Jewish Mental Health Initiative

Atlanta, GA

Baken is a nonprofit organization bringing awareness to mental health issues in the Jewish community of Atlanta. In November 2017, Baken hosted an open “Taste of CIT” program for the Atlanta community at Or Hadash Synagogue. They offered a full CIT program in the spring of 2018.

Phillips State Prison

Buford, Georgia

In collaboration with Compassionate Atlanta, CCISE conducted two CIT courses and a Level 1 Facilitator Certification course for men at the prison in 2018. Courses will be ongoing into 2019.

The Center for Love and Light & Compassionate Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia

In 2018, the Center for Love and Light and Compassionate Atlanta co-hosted two three-day intensive CIT trainings open to the general public.

The Good Works Institute

Hudson Valley, New York

The Good Works Institute (formerly was one of the first organizations to pilot the CIT program through their entrepreneurial education program in the Hudson Valley.