Compassionate Integrity Training Store

Hardcopies of the CIT Manual and CIT Journals are available for purchase at our direct cost plus shipping and handling by completing the form below. To reduce the cost of shipping and handling per item, it is better to order multiple items at once. If you are taking the course with others you know or are a Facilitator, you may want to combine your orders with others. This will significantly reduce the per item price when shipping and handling is included.

CIT Manual

Each CIT Manual comes with a free purple CCISE stress ball, used during the training. You may always use the electronic version of the Manual free of charge.

CIT Journals

CIT Journals come in two sizes and are useful for taking notes during the course and for the Contemplative Journal practices found in the Manual. Large journals are 7 inches x 9 inches and small journals are 3 inches by 5 inches.

NOTE: We are unable to ship to a PO Box. Please supply a physical shipping address.