Level 1 Facilitator Training Program


This course is open to individuals who hold a certificate in Compassionate Integrity Training.  If you have not taken a CIT course, you can see our current offerings here.

How does this course work?

This course is divided into two sections – the Practice Group and the Practicum.

During the 10-week Practice Group, FITs will meet weekly for a 2 hour Zoom call where they will work on their Curricular Engagements (CEs – see below) and practice Facilitating small portions of the CIT content.  A Certified Level 1 Facilitator will be the Practice Group Leader and will structure the sessions to deliver information and provide feedback.

The Practicum is the second 11-week portion of the course where two-to-three FITs will facilitate one entire skill for 90 minutes.  The other FITs and Level 2 facilitators will provide both written and verbal feedback. There will be a final week of Q&A, marketing suggestions, technology training, etc.

Certification Requirements

In order to receive Certification, candidates must complete the following components:

1. Declaration

Complete and submit the Level 1 Facilitator-in-Training Agreement (this is included as part of the registration process on the Sutra platform).

2. Curricular Engagements

Curricular Engagements (CEs) – Submit creative ways to present an element of each of the ten skills using a novel metaphor, anecdote, or explanation that is not provided in the manual; an activity that could be facilitated to explore or practice the skill; or a video or image that describes embodied knowledge of that skill.

3. Practicum

Co-Facilitate a minimum of two CIT sessions before a group of participants with a Level 2 Certified Facilitator.  Based on the feedback, the Level 2 Facilitator will determine whether any additional Practicum sessions are necessary.

4. Contemplative Practices

Complete a minimum of two hours of CIT-specific Contemplative Practices (e.g., listening to CIT practice recordings and/or completing Contemplative Journal Questions) for each skill, totaling 960 minutes.

5. Agreement

Once you have completed all of the Facilitator in Training course requirements, you will be asked to sign the CIT Level 1 Certified Facilitator Agreement.

Enrollment and Cost

The full price for Level 1 Facilitator Training is $500.00.  Based on Life University’s guiding principle of Lasting Purpose: To Give, To Do, To Love, To Serve – Out of a Sense of Abundance, however, registration for this course is based on what you can afford.  If $500 exceeds your financial means, then pay what you can based on the options you will see provided in the registration process.  To apply for a scholarship, please contact info@compassionateintegrity.org.  Once you receive your Level 1 certification you will be free to charge others a reasonable price for facilitating CIT.

How to Register

To learn more about the FIT Training Program, or to register, please click here. (You will be asked to create a free Sutra account, if you do not currently have one).

You may download a PDF of the complete Level 1 Facilitator Training Program by clicking here.