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Rossy Champion

Level 1 Facilitator

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Hi, I’m Rossy and I guess you could call me a Compassion Alchemist 🙂

I am an experienced Social Worker having worked within the Not-for-Profit sector in Community Development, Community-based education, Parenting Education, Welfare and Outreach, Women's shelters, Domestic and Family Violence and homelessness. Meeting individual and community needs creatively is a joy and personal strength.

I am passionate about providing therapeutic options based on the latest research in The Neurobiology of Trauma, Mindfulness and Resilience and am always upskilling in this area. I have completed the online self-directed, SEE Learning (Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning) and love how it connects so well with CIT.

I currently work individually, in person and online as well as in groups with women, children and families delivering Holistic interventions designed to increase wellbeing and mental health.

I believe Compassion and Hope are fundamental to what makes us both human and divine. Inspiring Hope changes lives, and Compassion Integrity Training really expands on all the ways we can excel in this area.

I really enjoy connecting with individuals and working with other passionate and inspired people to build compassionate, resilient & thriving communities.

I love Compassionate Integrity Training and how it so beautifully weaves in all the aspects of so many professional courses and training I have completed. I have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful deeply compassionate and authentic souls throughout my training and am delighted I can bring this rich and deeply transformational content to others.

I am truly honoured to work alongside the individuals I have come into contact within this field on every level.

To read more about me and what I do please visit www.heartcentredminds.com and the 'about me' section

I really love networking so please send me an email or message to work together or even just to chat about CIT.

You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With much compassion,




Olivia McIvor

Level 1 Facilitator

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Olivia is an international social researcher, author and people advocate with over three decades in human resource management and organizational development. Throughout her career her work has played a critical role in influencing cultures with corporate clients across a wide spectrum of industries. Known as a ‘people champion’ since early in her career, Olivia was told she would never be successful if she continued to “wear her heart on her sleeve”; today this proclamation has become her trademark. She is the author of three best-selling books, The Business of KindnessFour Generations-One Workplace, and I See You: Turning Compassion into Action

Olivia serves as the Director of Charter for Compassion Education Institute.

She also teaches in the business faculty at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/oliviamcivor/

Websites: www.kindness-speaks.com and www.oliviamcivor.com