CIT Coaching Options

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Once you have completed a Compassionate Integrity Training course, you may want some additional support in integrating the practices and concepts into your life and reinforcing the embodied knowledge emphasized throughout CIT. Individual and group coaching are a great way to do this. Coaching is a supportive partnership involving critical and creative thought designed to maximize personal and professional potential. All past participants of a Compassionate Integrity Training program are invited to sign up for coaching.

We offer both individual and group coaching, described below. CIT coaching is offered at a discounted rate through TC Jones Coaching. To learn more about our coaches, click here.


If you are usually motivated in a group setting or collaborative context, you might prefer group coaching over individual coaching. We limit groups to six people to ensure each person has time to get the attention they need to implement the CIT skills into daily living. Group coaching begins with a one-on-one with your coach to establish a coaching plan. Then, groups are scheduled twice a month for one-hour sessions focused on deepening awareness, setting goals, taking action and celebrating successes. Group CIT Coaching will take place by Zoom teleconferencing. For best results, we recommend a three-month minimum.

Investment: $50/month (includes one initial private session before starting with your cohort and a group session every other week with your cohort)

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If you learn best in a one-on-one environment or want more personal coaching time, individual coaching may be preferred over group coaching. The time and frequency of coaching calls are flexible, but weekly half-hour sessions usually provide the greatest results due to the regular support and accountability this structure offers. Many people choose to send an agenda to the coach before each session to optimize the benefit of each session. A coaching session prep form can be accessed online for that purpose. While the focus of each call varies depending on your individual needs, you will always co-create insight, practices, support, and challenge, which propel you into action and strengthen your CIT skills.

In addition to the scheduled calls, e-mails in between sessions are encouraged to maximize coaching efficacy. Written assessments, development tools, and reflection exercises are also utilized in the coaching process. Regularly scheduled process reviews help keep the partnership on track. Individual coaching may take place by Zoom, Skype or telephone, depending on your needs. For best results, we recommend a three-month minimum.

Investment: $200/month (Includes four 45-minute private sessions)

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Whether you choose group or individual coaching, the cornerstones of each session will be helping you maintain a clear vision and finding ways to practically apply insights into your daily life. Throughout the coaching partnership, your coach will help you develop and hold a clarity of purpose and stay in action toward your intentions. While coaching brings out your best, you have to do the work between sessions to get optimal results.

Techniques and principles are customized to increase flourishing in any area of life on which you choose to focus. We generally use the following model, which may vary, depending upon your needs:

  • Clarify current reality and identify needs
  • Expand options and perspectives
  • Create vision for what you want
  • Define priorities and focus
  • Identify an end result and clarify intentions
  • Expand awareness of barriers in achieving the vision
  • Design general strategies to attain outcome
  • Plan and implement action steps within each strategy
  • Acknowledge progress, obstacles, insights, and opportunities
  • Maintain focus and momentum on desired outcome
  • Adjust vision or plan as new information is gathered
  • Refocus on end result
  • Increase resourcefulness and confidence in your abilities
  • Celebrate your accomplishments