About Our Coaches

Teresa Cowan Jones

Teresa Cowan Jones formed TC Jones Coaching in 2001, developed the CIT coaching program, and is our Director of Coaching. Teresa is an executive and personal coach and founder of the Breakthrough Leadership Institute, a transformational leadership and community development initiative. As such, she directs its premier program, Sacred Space, a secular and interfaith community that builds skills of compassion through contemplative practices to fuel social justice.

Teresa holds a B.S. in Psychology and a Master of Divinity from Vanderbilt University, both with highest honors. A professionally trained graduate of Coach U, she also completed advanced training in Executive Coaching. This ten-year formal study of human development reflects her love for behavioral science and translates into a keen ability to facilitate the change process for individuals, organizations and communities.

Author of over 100 tools of effectiveness, Teresa has served as coach and faculty at the Center for Progressive Leadership (a national, bipartisan organization focused on political leadership and policy, the Center for Integrative Medicine, and the Hesychia School for Spiritual Direction. She has served as Chief Executive Officer, Program Coordinator and consultant to nonprofit organizations, taught university courses in sociology, and led numerous retreats and workshops as Spiritual Director. As a progressive, ordained, interfaith minister, she created several developmental and social programs and has twenty years of professional experience in leadership development in both the public and private sectors. A love of learning keeps her engaged in continuing education, which occurs through her reading of current research and membership in the International Coach Federation (ICF), which is the premiere coaching credentialing agency that establishes industry standards. Teresa’s approach is based in the science of human development; the neuroscience of behavioral change; contemplative practices that help the mind manage the brain and circumvent burnout; cultivation of total intelligences (cognitive, emotional and contextual/spiritual); and a combination of neocortical (conceptual) and limbic (emotional/sustained) learning for long-term results. Through insight, compassion and humor, her integral, holistic approach emphasizes awareness and action.

Kaley Hixson

Image of Kaley Hixson

Kaley Hixson is a Certified CIT Facilitator and a professional coach for individuals, groups, and leaders. With a passion for holistic wellness and personal development, Kaley most enjoys working with people who are committed to doing the inner-work necessary to achieve transformative results in their personal or professional life.

For the last few years, Kaley has been immersed in all-things-coaching. In July 2017, Kaley enrolled in her first coach training program through Health Coach Institute (HCI), and became a Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHC) in January 2018. Not long into her initial training, she began working with personal and executive clients and discovered first-hand the incredible power of coaching. This ignited Kaley’s curiosity and love of learning, and in October 2017,  Kaley committed herself to the path of professional coaching excellence.

In December 2019, Kaley graduated from Life University with a MS in Positive Psychology, with a concentration in Coaching Psychology. Her advanced training in professional coaching through Life U ultimately led her back to Health Coach Institute, where she is now HCI’s coaching education specialist and the primary developer of HCI’s newest training program: the HCI Pathway Program – a coach training program intended to prepare coaches for board certification through the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaches (NBHWC). Kaley is currently preparing alongside her students to take the national board exam in October 2020, which will award her the designation of National Board Certified – Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC). In addition, Kaley is an active member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is committed to honor and embody the ICF professional code of ethics.

Kaley is not just committed to helping others on their personal development path, however. She is also a firm believer in walking-the-talk. As such, Kaley has a coaching-transformation story of her own – one that has inspired countless people and continues to develop every day. In 2018, Kaley shared her personal struggle-to-success story in front of a live audience of 700+ health and life coaches and was featured on the HCI Podcast, Better than Ever. Recognizing that there is no ‘end goal’ to wellness or personal development, Kaley continues to work with her own coaches and continually puts into practice that which she shares with her students and clients.

As a CIT Facilitator, Kaley continues to stay in touch with what is most important to her: living a life that is not only in alignment with her values, but one that creates a positive ripple-effect for all of humanity. As such, she is thrilled to be a part of the CIT coaching program, and to apply her coaching knowledge and experience in service of those who share in the vision of living a life of Compassionate Integrity and are committed to doing the inner-work necessary to make a positive impact on their families, communities, and the world.

Andrea Monsanto

Andrea is a writer, coach and public speaker. She has a biochemistry degree from Stony Brook University, studied philosophy at The School of Practical Philosophy in New York City, and has a master´s degree in positive psychology from Life University, with a concentration on coaching based on the International Coaching Federation competencies.  She has been practicing mindfulness for over twenty years and has coached individuals and groups for over a decade.

Andrea helps her clients relieve suffering by helping them shift the way they relate to their body/mind and others. Through contemplative sciences, positive psychology and neurosciences, she helps people discover their ability to regulate their body, thoughts and emotions. Self-knowledge leads individuals to embark on a path of transformation that increases their levels of well-being and creates a sense of unity with others and the planet. Andrea is highly committed to continuous learning and inner growth to develop in herself the qualities that she wishes to inspire in others.

Andrea is a member of the Who is Who Latino, has received awards for social entrepreneurship, and for effective communication from Toastmasters International. She has facilitated many presentations and workshops on mindfulness, emotional wellness and prosperity. She was featured on Galavision, Telemundo, T.V. Asia and CNN Latino. Most recently, Andrea has found her new passion in teaching Compassion Integrity Training in a variety of environments such as schools, corporations and online communities.  She is married and a mother of three children. Andrea loves meditating, being outdoors and writing. She is a poet at heart!